Trans Sissy Hypnosis


Trans Sissy Hypnosis. Warning: This is a real hypnotism video. Unless you are willing to dedicate the foreseeable future to being a trans sissy thirsty, hot load chasing, cum dumpster do not watch this video! But if you are here i think its safe for me to assume that you wish to experience something unique. You came here because you were curious and now you start to enjoying it. Its new for you but everything you want is a dick in your mouth. Also an ass pounding you hard like a good sissy would be nice. Wouldn’t it? At the end you would love to swallow his load.

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5 thoughts on “Trans Sissy Hypnosis

  1. Oh my God I love cock. I love the sound an alpha Male makes when he is fucking. I NEED COCK! COCK IS GOD!

  2. I am definitely a sissy and diddle my days away. I love interracial porn. I’ve loved it so much that more than half the time now I search for black men solo masturbating themselves. I am on all the gay and sissy dating apps and sites and I ask every black man on there if he has a big black daddy dick and if he will please please send it to me and I send the black men pictures of myself in dozens of different panties with a shriveled clitty in each one. I save every sexy black penis I see on the internet. I need a black daddy that I can go to bed with and put my butt against in a different pair of panties every night, do whatever he wants. i enjoy submitting orally so much and being sexually used and grinded by my girlfriends pussy- it makes me think about how wonderful it would be to do the same to a big beautiful black penis and feel him spurt jets of pleasure into my throat that I would be responsible for. that’s empowerment.
    I lust after and am falling in love with the big black daddy dick. I want to fall in love with a black daddy and worship his daddy dick

  3. Ive preferred boys to girls since before my early teens. I’ve always known I was more girl than boy. Guys just found me for quick blow jobs . When I finally lost my cherry it was my first client who paid me for sex. I only lasted 2 mins of getting fucked and I came the hardest I ever cum . After that I was sold. I wore pants and girly clothes whilst working as a male / female sex worker. As time went on I became more feminine and my more open wearing girly clothes. It was what I was destined to be.

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