Anti Sissy Hypno – Cure Your Sissy Desires


Anti Sissy Hypno – Cure Your Sissy Desires. Everything shiny and wonderful. Do you watch this video to be cured of your sissy desires and be a straight alpha male again? Then you are wrong here. Have you really thought that it would be possible to be cured of your secret desires, including to stop wearing women’s lingerie? Spoiler: It’s not, as you will see in this Anti sissy hypno I think it’s very embarrassing how much you want to suck a man’s cock and that it turns you on so much. Even the thought of a man’s hot cum on your face while you are dressed up is so appealing.

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2 thoughts on “Anti Sissy Hypno – Cure Your Sissy Desires

  1. I want to be cured, but the more I watch this video, the more I want to feel a hard, throbbing cock in my mouth and my boipussy. I’m afraid I will never be a straight man again and this video is not helping at all.

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